Welcome to the website introducing the forthcoming proposals for the building at 225 Marsh Wall. Its location is shown on the map below.

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In October 2018 planning permission was granted for a 48-storey building providing 332 homes, along with 810 square metres of space for community use and 79 square metres of flexible retail/restaurant/community use. Demolition works have commenced on site.

Our client Chalegrove Properties Ltd now wish to make a new planning application to improve upon the previously consented scheme.

Whilst the plans will evolve through the consultation process, we are looking at opportunities to return to the original design concept that saw 225 Marsh Wall and The Madison as complementary buildings of the same height bookending a new public park on Marsh Wall.

This will result in additional seven floors on the building. This provides opportunities for:

-Up to an additional 18 affordable homes, which will see a further reduction in the Council’s housing waiting list of around another 75 people.

-Up to 255 sqm of additional on-site play space including new external first-floor play deck overlooking the public park for use by all residents.

-A greatly improved ground floor layout.

-Delivery of new play space along Marsh Wall under the DLR as part of the Community Underline Project.