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Thank you for registering for the Q&A events.  Below is the link to watch and take part, and a few tips and recommendations to ensure you enjoy a smooth experience before and during the events.

You will be able to watch the event by following this link, or going to  We recommend you bookmark this page, or keep it somewhere safe. The link will work for all events.  

There are three ways to ask questions:
· via the online question box before or during the meeting;
· submitting a video question before the meeting; or
· phoning 0800 511 8225 during and immediately before the meeting.

The events will last between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on how many questions we receive. Each event starts with an introduction from the chair, and a short presentation of the proposals. Then we move on to answering your questions.  

You can watch the video fullscreen and use a second device to ask questions. Here is the link to ask questions for the second device.

We recommend you check your set up before the event starts.  We start the livestream 30 minutes before each event so you can test your set-up in advance. Check you can view the video below.

Check you are using a compatible web browser that can support streaming of video.
Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported. We recommend the following browsers when trying to watch or browse content: 
· Google Chrome for OSX, Windows and Android 69+ 
· Mozilla Firefox for OSX, Windows 58+
· Safari for OSX and iOS 10+
· Microsoft Edge for Windows 15+
If you have problems viewing the video, you can to to this handy guide to how to update your browser.