What was wrong with the old scheme?

The old scheme received permission in October 2018. Chalegrove acquired the scheme in the last year. Savills undertook a review with them to see if the scheme could be improved, making best use of the site in line with both the GLA and LBTH planning policies but also offering better contributions to community initiatives in the scheme such as supporting the underline project and providing increased levels of play space.

Will the developer add extra elevator shafts in order to cater for the additional proposed units particularly in this new pandemic world we live in where social distancing is the new norm?

The elevator shafts are being fully reviewed and designed in co-ordination with a specialist vertical transportation engineer to ensure that they comply with current building regulations.

The addition of 7 extra floors will be adding an extra 48 units at a height of around 500 feet above ground level. Is this the type of development the council is looking for in the wake of Grenfell Tower and Covid-19?

We are guided by the planning policy framework for the area and this part of Tower Hamlets is identified as a growth area and suitable for tall buildings. The proposed scheme is therefore in line with this designation. The building is being designed to align with all building regulations including those amended post Grenfell with input from the London Fire Brigade and specialist Fire Consultants.

Why have eight trees been cut down that are on the public highway? There is no reference to this in the approved demolition plan.

The original planning application included proposals to remove those trees. This was also included within the approved Demolition Environmental Management Plan (DEMP) The Council was satisfied that the loss of trees would be offset by the soft landscaping in the scheme and all the vegetation in the new public park. The trees have been cleared already and this was necessary to complete the demolition work. Chalegrove sought permission before they undertook the work. There will be a new public park and Chalegrove will be submitting a detailed soft landscaping scheme for the Council’s approval. This will give a good mix of plants to encourage wildlife, including a proportion of mature trees.

The existing permitted application does not conform to the step-down principle from Canada Tower. The additional 7 storeys will make this worse. How do you justify this?

The step-down policies relate to the step down from 1 Canada Square and this scheme is substantially lower than 1 Canada Square, thus conforming to this requirement. This policy is not intended to be an absolute line of reduction. The matter was discussed in detail at the appeal. It is paramount to the development team that the increased height is not detrimental. A views analysis from a number of viewpoints has been undertaken to assess the additional impact. The conclusion of the townscape consultant is that this is an acceptable height and in line with the relevant policies. The proposed height is an original design concept that 225 Marsh Wall is twinned with the Madison development with both schemes of the same height bookending the new public park that has been created between the two buildings.

What plans do you have for Lord Amory Way? This should be the access point for all vehicles, and nothing should be tempted to stop on Marsh Wall.

Double yellow lines run the length of Marsh Wall so vehicles can’t stop there, and it is not intended that they will. Drop off points for vehicles will be accessed from Lord Amory Way. A construction management plan has been agreed to determine how construction vehicles will enter and exit the site.

Over the next few years there will be thousands of new apartments coming onto the market in the area. What do you envisage the impact on house prices in the area to be?

Chalegrove have seen consistent growth over the last twenty years and foresee a stable period for the near future. Property prices have reached a point that works well for the area and new developments have increased the overall property prices within the area. The scheme will make a significant contribution towards affordable housing, slightly more than the previous one; this will make inroads into the Tower Hamlets waiting list.

Do you intend to make an additional service road off Marsh Wall? Currently this is no service road on the east side of 225.

There is currently an access road along the east elevation in the consented scheme which will be maintained in the new proposals but not added to.

How many service vehicles will the site accommodate? And who will manage it? Bearing in mind you will have many delivery vehicles these days.

The planning consent includes a transport analysis. New reports are being updated to reflect current circumstances. In terms of construction vehicles, a very detailed construction management plan detailing how vehicles will come onto and leave the site has been agreed with LBTH officers.

Can it be confirmed that the access way on the east side will not require a crossover into Marsh Wall.

Access proposals remain unchanged from the consented scheme. Vehicular access will be from Lord Amory Way and then onto Meridian Place. The existing east access road will be retained for refuse collections and access will be controlled by bollards and on-site facilities management. 

I note that your affordable housing partner is Poplar HARCA. They appear unable to properly manage the other Chalegrove development at Island Point as the streets are filled with vehicles for this permit free development. Should Chalegrove be looking for a different partner for affordable housing?

Poplar Harca is one of Council’s approved housing association partners. Island Point includes an underground car park where spaces are allocated in line with the strict LBTH guidelines. We were under the impression that issues with cars parking illegally on the development had been resolved however we are happy to pick up this issue with Poplar Harca. 

How do you propose to mitigate the loss of the trees for several years? Have you calculated the loss of their air cleaning ability on this busy route?

The approved scheme includes an arboricultural survey and that sets out a tree removal plan for eight of the trees along Marsh Wall. The loss of these trees would be offset by the new soft landscaping proposals which include the provision of many more trees than those that were removed along with other associated soft landscaping within the new public park. Concerns relating to the establishment period for trees has been noted by Chalegrove and a proportion of mature trees will be incorporated into the new soft landscaping proposals.

I would like the opportunity to view these proposals in more detail. Where I can I find them online?

There will be information on the website and Chalegrove will be marketing the scheme early next year when further details will be provided. Detailed information will be included in the planning application which will be submitted to the Council and available through their website. The development website will be updated after the final consultation event with archive videos of the three events.

Consented scheme has 25% affordable housing from memory, additional new homes above 30% affordable, I guess 35%. So, what will be overall affordable % be?

This is still being worked out with LBTH officers and will be undertaken as part of the viability analysis that accompanies the new application.

The mature trees you removed were 30 years old. Will you be replacing them with 30-year-old trees in your landscaping?

Landscape details are still being developed. The reconfiguration and reduction in the basement size creates the opportunity for mature planting. As with the response above some mature trees will be incorporated into the final development plans.

Have you taken into account that there is a Neighbourhood Plan that is now legally recognised?

Yes, along with the Local Plan and the London Plan as well as the National Planning Policy Framework.

The refuse trucks cannot even get into Island Point due to poor planning. Why do you think that your current plan will be suitable as a refuse vehicle access?

A servicing and delivery strategy, including routes for refuse vehicles, has been approved by LBTH as part of the consented scheme. We understand that despite this there is currently some disagreement within LBTH on the application of that strategy. This is an issue LBTH needs to resolve internally rather than being a Poplar Harca management issue.



What is the timetable for these new plans; when will they be submitted?

We hope to make the application before Christmas. If this happens, Tower Hamlets will formally register this over the Christmas/New Year period and then launch their own consultation early next year with a view to a decision in the spring.

Why did you ditch the original streamline art-deco design?

The proposed scheme is an extrusion of the permitted design.

Why isn't the site currently registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme - as you have agreed to in your current construction logistics plan?

When Chalegrove becomes the principal contractor after the demolition phase it will be registered by Chalegrove. However, the demolition contractor who is currently the principal contractor has registered the scheme with Considerate Constructors.

Will the new submission have any resident vehicle parking?

No, apart from blue badge parking.