Ground floor improvements

We have been able to bring about significant improvements to the layout of the ground floor.

Here you can see the ground floor layout as per the extant consent

1.Affordable Housing Entrance

2.Cycle Lobby - affordable

3.Cycle Lobby – private

4.Commercial Unit

5.1st Floor Commercial Unit Lobby

6.1st Floor Commercial Unit Lobby

7.Refuse Store

8.Private Residential Lobby

9.External Children’s Play space

10.External Amenity


We can now look at the proposed ground floor layout as per the Proposed Development.

1.Affordable Housing Entrance

2.Affordable Housing Amenity

3.Affordable Housing Lift Lobby

4.Cycle Lobby

5.1st Floor Commercial Unit Lobby

6.Staff Facilities

7.Escape Stair

8.Refuse Store

9.External Amenity

10.Private Residential Lobby

11.External Children’s Play space


You can see the existing plans and the proposed plans for the basement, the ground floor, the first floor and the second floor in more detail by opening the two documents below.

In the first, you can see the design currently being built.


Previous Proposed Plans by Your Shout

Here, you can see in more detail the improvements possible with the new proposals. Note also the additional play space provided on the upper floors, adding a significant amount of room for young people of different ages to safely play on site. These spaces are for the use of children in both the private and affordable homes in the building.

Proposed Layouts by Your Shout

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